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and Publishing" (Egypt). 564 is too high a number for Gartmoor Gardens and the postal code should be SW19 6NX, not SW20 6NX. Khalil is married to Lola Khali, now Dalal Nada her" Facebook is decorated with the husband's photo and she states to be a "Project Manager at Languagemet Company later "beIN Translation Services". Copy used in AZZ Translations website has been plagiarized from travod International, Toptranslation GmbH, and other sources. I accept different payment options including Paypal and Moneybookers. "She" or "he" has also been around as "translator using / / Skype: nebal. Final catch: Although Google caught his photo, Anthony no longer shows his photo on his LinkedIn. Henrique Anton / Henrique Antoni / Henrique. Address on website (fake Sw 6th, Beaverton, OR 97007 / Gaza office (they say Al-Shuhada' St, Gaza Strip, Gaza, Palestine PO issued by these scammers made by "awadallah" signed by "Dalal Nada" / "company phone (also used by Khalil Khatib, m (Note 81) / Trying. Samuel White aka Sam White / Human Resources Manager / / On this page, Samuel's signature is actually the signature from Tami Simon, a publisher of spiritual books! He lives in Romania, but claims to live in Paris, France, Paris, Texas (US and in London (UK).

Nihad Ahmad / / / / / / / Skype: nihad. We connect language freelancers with clients.» So, the "alliance" is now a business "platform"? I live in Palestine. Later, "she" provided a bank account from a "Mari Hanif" in Bangladesh / This clown claims to live in Sendai, Japan and also lived in USA, UK, Australia, Spain and Portugal and doesn't have a bank account anywhere?

Names emails associated with this scam: amateur escort amsterdam Xamryi Rmlanz / Profile on ProZ: 1799411 / Xamryi / / / (also PayPal ID) / Roxanne Melo (fake name) / / / Some other ghosts used to post jobs online w/ : Amar Kaori Wong / Anis Sophea. Fake address: 49 Route du Grand-Breuil, 18920 St Pierre de lIsle/France. From this "formal letter translators are lured into another PDF link (Translator Agreement filename: translatoragreement. This email address is hers and mine» Seriously? Associated w/ Languagemet and. We are a fresh company working with freelancers all over the world and we are creating a team of professionals to match market requirements.» Of course, once exposed, scammers quickly repudiate every association with their own scam with the most hilarious excuses, in a ridiculous.